Dead Arena – a coming back of 2D multiplayer shooting game.

  • Story line:

sexy red head.jpg

In the future, the world has turned into a ruined, abandoned place. There, in the new land there is only war and death. People are born to fight in Dead Arena. There is no place for mercy or weakness. Two forces ruling Dead Arena are SWAT and the Terrorists. The SWAT team fights for what they believe to be justice. The Terrorists fight for their own ideology. There is no rule in this land. Fight to dead. The strong will have all and teamwork is the only way.

  • Gameplay:

With this TPS game, player will fight in several locations. Dead Arena has diverse set of characters. Each character has different and unique skills, making the game addictive to any shooting GMO – lover. In Dead Arena you can choose to fight as a Commando, Sniper, Medic or Tanker to join in several play modes: Death match, Team match, Bomb, Boss and Capture the flag.

anh2_show gameplay.png

  • Features:

Dead Arena has the classic design of 2D map bringing pleasant experience for players. Having the neat and well ordered design, this game brings back memory of several classic 80s and 90s games.


With a simple but not boring storyline, Dead Arena is expected to make playing experience more enjoyable and fun. In addition, the impressive sounding effect and eye catching colors also turn Dead Arena into the most waited GMO this month.

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