The making of

Why do we choose Unity?
We go for Unity to make the best use of our resources in the project.

We know we don’t have too many coders and graphic designers to spare. So we must choose a game engine that visually easy to modify every aspect of game. And lots of mistake will come from the try-and-fail method, so we must be able to try fast, fail fast and fix it fast.
Besides, we‘re also working hard on several projects: Dead Arena, Captain Galaxy, Tank … So it drains our Coders energy from fixing to many visual issues like button position, length and position of fx, UI animated …


With Unity, everything happened in the game is right there and it’s not too difficult for our Designers to understand some of basic game scene setup. Designers can create and custom their own scene without distracting grumpy Coders.

Coders now are free to concentrating on implementing game, music, sound logic, game structure … They now only have to spend a bit of their time to make some components for Designers now that they can control their own art.

Too many times, our artists want to improve experience with their ideas. It would be easier to convince coders to go for it when they know with a little help Artist can freely paint their ideas. No more “it’s too complicated” and “wait for build” to know what have you done.

Artists and Coders can now have much happier life together.

Creating the zombies.
It’s surely miserable drawing your baby (even if it’s a bone exposing, flesh rotting, blood drooling one) with Marketer, Coder, Game operator … beside, pointing out “the skin is too blue” or “make them more disgusting but cute, make them disgusting in a cute way”.

Life of every designer…

The artist sometime feel like he\ she is just an advanced Photoshop tool changing details to please people. Of course there are more than a few pouting and sulking.
The zombie might looks quite Hulky.


And then we try to make it cuter, but it ends up a bit “too blue”.


Even the map’s color has gone through lots of change.


Every one is quite happy with the current version, but Artist is not gonna sleep well until the all the analytic numbers satisfy the bloody perfectionist GD.

Install: Google Play

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