Best way to control your greedy little zombie?

Of course simple enough so that anyone can play, but control the zombie line smartly to get on top can be quite challenging. Understanding control modes will definitely help you get tactic moves and trick other players into your trap.

There are 3 modes for players to choose: tap, joystick and pointer.



Now hold you horse, I know this mode may annoy several of you. But some love it, ok (yes I know that!) While it can get on your nerves because you need tapping, tapping around, you will have the luxury of observing all the map. Of course you need quick reflex to tap your way out of other zombies if you don’t want to be devoured by them.



You control your zombie line with the joystick pad on the lower left of the screen. Don’t complain about the ugly pad yet since you don’t have to slide all over your screen and leave snail – like trait.



A small arrow will hover above the zombie line to let you see the direction you are moving in. Some might throw a fit over the sight of that arrow. But those who want absolute precision or compass lovers will adore it.


Which is your most favorite control mode?

I can tell you the best one now. But hey, it’s just my opinion. And my colleagues  don’t agree with me, so find your best one in this brain feast mwuhhaaa.

(Ok that laugh is lame but it sounds cool in my head!)

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